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Welcome to divided by 0, our category containing the posts which explain the division of a particular number x by 0. The number x is called nominator, and 0 is called the denominator of the quotient x / 0. In every article we give you the “result” of the fraction x over 0. That means we are going to explain that any division by zero is undefined, irrespectful of the nominator. In other words, any quotient over zero has no meaning. And the same applies to ratios with a denominator 0, percentages, et cetera.
In addition, for any x divided by 0, e.g. 3 divided by 0, we review the frequently asked question in the context. What’s more is that all entries in this category come with a unique calculator you will like. Information regarding the use of our search box, directions for further information, and how to ask us a question can always be found as well.